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About The Deco

Looking to downsize but not downgrade?

Looking for a gracious atmosphere, a bit quieter, more distinguished and filled with neighbors you know?

Looking for a community where you can enjoy the best years of your life?

Then, The Deco is for you.




What does a 55 and over residence mean?

At least one person 55 years of age or older must reside in no less than 80% of The Deco’s occupied units.


What if my partner is younger than 55 or I have children that are younger living with me?

Not a problem. Only one person living in the unit must be 55 years of age or older.


Is The Deco a retirement community?

Not at all! In fact, it’s likely our residents will be very active, choosing to live in Clintonville because it’s the right fit for a vibrant lifestyle. Downsizing, but not downgrading, relieves residents of the responsibilities home ownership demands. The Deco’s maintenance-free living provides more time for keeping an active and connected lifestyle. 


What are the benefits of living in a 55 and over residence?

Typically, 55 and over residences provide what we would call a more distinguished, gracious atmosphere. It is a bit quieter, with neighbors who are less likely to move and like you, enjoying the best years of their lives.


Clintonville is a special community, a unique small town, known for its vibrancy, diversity and ideal location. We believe the 55 and over designation is a perfect fit for The Deco.